About Us

Welcome to WEBYNAME, the SEDEI‘s affordable online identity provider.

At WEBYNAME, we offer a wide range of products and services that perfectly fit your desired online presence requirements. From affordable domain registrations, best in class web hosting services, easy to use website builder plans, comprehensive email hosting packages and SSL certificate solutions – we’ve got everything you need to craft your online digital identity.

Our Products and Services
At WEBYNAME, we believe that everyone should be able to create an identity for themselves on the internet. We provide reliable and affordable services that are feature packed and have no hidden charges. For over a decade, we have provided a wide range of products that help you create a digital identity for your business or personal brand.

Domain Registration
Every website starts with a domain name. WEBYNAME provides it with a simple and easy registration process that allows you to quickly find and buy the perfect domain name. From a simple registration process to low margins, registering a domain name is easy and affordable with WEBYNAME.

Through WEBYNAME, you can –

Register & transfer a domain
Get expert support for any questions
Easy availability check for the domain name you want

Domain Extensions
While a decade ago you were limited to just a few extensions to choose from, today there are hundreds of extensions available to you. With WEBYNAME, you have the choice to have the perfect domain extension that matches the name you want. We are constantly adding new TLDs including New gTLDs that further maximize the choice available to you.

Web Hosting
Backed by industry leading infrastructure and 24×7 monitoring, our web hosting platform is fast, secure and reliable. We are proud to power websites of customers from across the world and offer the entire spectrum of hosting products to suit every requirement including:

Linux Hosting
Windows Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Cloud Hosting
Reseller Hosting
VPS (Virtual Private Servers)
Dedicated Servers

Email Hosting
In today’s world, communication has moved to digital and email has become the backbone for every business. Having a professional and personalized email service is critical to your success. At WEBYNAME, we provide a range of white-labelled solutions like Business and Enterprise Email that provide you with not just Email but a range of tools that help administer and run your business.

ERP/CRM and Marketing solutions
We also provide WEBYSALE, a popular Enterprise Resource Planning platform that gives your business the edge it deserves and WEBYADV, a complete, effective and easy to use advertising and SEO platform.

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